Friday, April 3, 2009

SunnO))) Listening Party Today in Dumbo

Yes, yours truly woke up at a civilized hour this morning so she could attend one of the coveted press sessions. I'm taking my camera.


  1. It was in a small recording studio down Bridge Street. I'm putting up a couple pictures now.

    New album is good. Solid. Stephen says this album more than any other really expresses what he feels when he plays the Sunn catalog. Which I can see. It's exuberant, bright. They took some chances. I wish it didn't end on such a goddamn happy note, but it is about the only true, pure, happy note that band has ever played. The album is faster, overall, and though it drones and drones, that characteristic head vibration is pierced and scratched by vocal improvisations and weak input signals, cutting in and out. Could be bad, the worst thing ever, but they make it work. Oh how they make it work. Sitting in that studio, looking out at the Manhattan Bridge, I listen to rain beat against the windows as Sunn radiated out.