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Takashi Morikami @ The Brooklyn Museum of Art

Takashi Murakami/Kaikai Kiki Comapany
“Tan Tan Bo Puking” (2002)


Takashi Murakami
The Brooklyn Museum of Art

There were a lot of little people populating the Takashi Murakami retrospective that Saturday afternoon. While I sat with my back against a wall watching the adventures of Kaikai and Kiki, a charming little guy no older than three crawled away from his really, quite calm and patient mother and sat right in front of me just in time for watermelons to come bursting from the head of their very alive, rather whale-like space vessel. "Funny?!" he remarks to the bemused woman sitting next to me. "Yes, funny." She replies. Mom keeps an attentive eye out from across the silver screen.

And it is funny. The watermelons, that is. For what are the three things that are needed to grow watermelons? Seeds, water and manure. So, when our two little adventurers get their very own bag of watermelon seed and their vessel makes a patch of dirt on its head, all Kaikai and Kiki need is one last ingredient. An ingredient that Kiki decides to provide...him...her...itself.

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