Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lightning Bolt, Growing, Krallice, Daily Life`

Todd P's Back to School Party
979 Broadway btwn Myrtle Ave & Ditmars St | Bushwick, Brooklyn

Featuring: Lightning Bolt, Growing, Krallice, Daily Life


You should call it the Bushwick Festival. Doors opened early. It was a cloudy afternoon, threatening cloudburst. We stood there, under the junction of J and M, as the once vacant lot on Ditmar and Myrtle became a carnival most extreme. The torrents from the sky held off, while those from the ground broke across our mass. Under the light of the M train, we stare up from our ecstatic sway. The elevated passersby peer out, marveling at our spectacle. The sky descends into darkness. Lightning strikes, finding ground. The darkness pierced by train light.