Friday, June 26, 2009

This Weekend in NYC



Mirror Me Movement II

DISPATCH is pleased to present Mirror Me, a collaborative exhibition in three movements organized by Brandon Stosuy and Kai Althoff. They will be joined by artist and musician Matteah Baim, artist and musician Philip Best, black metal band Liturgy, artist Lionel Maunz and writer and musician Peter Sotos .

* * *

They tell us Varg Vikernes is almost free. He killed someone in the early 1990s. At that time he believed in Satan.

And Brandon was relieved, and so was Kai, when they heard Varg was to be set free after all these years. While in prison, he taught so many about paganism. He is a paganist and a racist, therefore he will also not accept homosexuality. They are eagerly expecting his steps into a life of paganism, devoid of the limitation of being imprisoned.

Wynton Marsalis writes the most refined music, and he plays the trumpet. He did soundtracks for Spike Lee to multiply all New York summers known in the year of 1985. This is amongst a black community.

Brandon admires Varg's music. Kai wants to follow Varg and wonders how it all goes together with Brandon wanting the country to be governed by Barack Obama, while also listening to Varg.

And Kai thinks Varg Vikernes would be a man he truly wanted to follow,denying his false conception to love a man in the W R O N G way, which will automatically lead to his self-perception as scum in the eye of Varg. Thus, if told to be executed, he would accept with no lament. Wynton Marsalis stands for culture and smartness. And self-confidence.

Wynton is what stands for the civilized in man. He is looked upon as the most degenerated form of a black man by some pagan, as this blackman holds the power of awareness and intellectualism.

This is questioned. Also by some semi-forceful act.

* * *

Movement I: Philip Best, Peter Sotos
Opening May 31, 4-7 p.m.

Movement II: Philip Best, Lionel Maunz, Peter Sotos
Opening June 28

Movement III: Kai Althoff, Matteah Baim, Philip Best,
Liturgy, Lionel Maunz, Brandon Stosuy, Peter Sotos
Opening July 30

DISPATCH Gallery hours are Thursday - Sunday 1 - 6 p.m. and by appointment.
DISPATCH will be closed July 2 – 5 for the holiday.

Zax Smith Book Tour Dates

1 Disjecta Portland, OR Thursday June 18 7:00 pm

2 Book Soup Los Angeles, CA Wednesday July 1 7:00 pm

3 Rumpus Room San Francisco, CA Tuesday July 7 TBD

4 Moe's Books Berkeley, CA Wednesday July 8 7:30 PM

5 City Lights San Francisco, CA Thursday July 9 7:00 PM

6 Barnes and Nobles New Haven, CT Monday July 13 6:00 pm

7 Museum of Sex NY Tuesday July 14 7:30 PM

8 McNally Jackson Booksellers NY Wednesday 15-Jul 7:00 PM

9 St. Mark's NY Thursday 16-Jul 7:30 PM

10 Skylight Books Los Angeles, CA Friday July 31 7:30 pm

11 Bookslut Chicago, IL Tuesday August 4 7:30 pm

12 Bumbershoot fest Seattle Sept 6

Coney Island Sideshow

Today, I went to Coney Island with Vanessa. We saw a sideshow, I transformed into Elektra and set a baton on fire with my tongue. I also pulled an very long sword out of the mouth of a very pretty, tiny girl. And, as if that wasn't enough, a man with no arms asked Vanessa about Phobia, told us about Napalm Death, and then announced the minute MJ die. Rest in Peace. I'm listening to Thriller.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mirror Me, Movement 1

Movement II of Mirror Me, June 28th at Dispatch Gallery. to be added in Movement III, July 30th. More information HERE.

Krallice Recording Second Album

Krallice started recording their second album last week. I spent most the day with Mick listening to Colin lay down the last of the of his guitar tracks.