Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Listening Party @ Menegroth the Thousand Caves: Gorguts, Liturgy, Oldest

My friends make such amazing things.

After Krallice practice last night in Menegroth, Colin's recording studio in Queens, me and the boys listened to some of the new stuff Mr. Marston and his studio have been working on so far this year. A few recordings really stood out. 2009 is a year to look forward to for the extreme heavy metal fans. I don't just mean that these recordings stood out against other new releases I've heard so far this year. Most of the music I heard for the first time last night easily stands with the best of my collection. Here's a peek at what's about to come out that you absolutely shouldn't miss.

1. New Gorguts. It's FUCKING awesome. Do you READ ME? FUCKING AWESOME. We listened to everything but vocals last night and the tracks SLAY. I can die happy now. For those of you who haven't heard (I don't know how that's possible if you are reading this blog), Gorguts is reunited with a lineup made by the archbishops of hell. Expect the album out before the end of summer.

2. New Liturgy. Black metal from my friend Hunter Hunt Hendrix. His first album was a one man bedroom black metal charmer. Now he's compiled a full band and the new material is a whirlwind of epic proportions.

3. New Oldest. Latest project of Mick Barr, with drummer Brooks (Born Against). Harkening back to the days of Crom-tech, there's much of the signature shredding, hardcore vocals that cut like shrapnel, even a couple catchy riffs. In place of the minimal arrangements so familiar to Mick's catalog is the effect of a full band, a nod perhaps to working with one so much in Krallice. Mick plays bass and two guitars on the album, which leaves me to wonder what choices the band might make to play this material live. In any event, there is an undeniable maturity in these quirky riffs. They do exactly what they need to to make your head go.


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