Monday, August 11, 2008

Ode to the Muse of Polyurethane

So, I recently started a new job as an art fabricator at KB Projects. I did an internship over the summer and they hired me full time, woohoo. I spend most of my day laying fiberglass and carbon fiber into the undersides of amorphis forms. With my face in a respirator and my body in a tyvek suit, I look like a spaceman, or the staypuff marshmellow man. Since its the closest I am going to get to either, I'll take it.

Buckets are a commodity as an art fabricator. A clean bucket is like a gift from god. And when someone steals your bucket, puts pigment or some other unknown viscous material into it, well, it doesn't feel very good. This is an ode to the Muse of Polyurethane. And Silicon. She can come too.

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